CAPhO Educational Webinar Series: October 18, 2019 Recording Available Online

On Friday, October 18, 2019, Patrick R Mayo, BSc(Pharm), PhD, MTS from Hepion Pharmaceuticals presented the webinar entitled An Ethical Framework for the Allocation of Life-Saving Chemotherapy in the Era of Drug Shortages. 

As a member, you can watch it at your leisure on the CAPhO website. Simply log in as a member and go to Education and Resources / Watch a Webinar.

In one hour, Pat Mayo, BSc(Pharm), PhD, MTS:   

  1. Review's the ethical issues around oncological drug shortages;
  2. Explores if oncological drug shortages constitute maleficence;
  3. Illustrates the potential role of ethics in informing drug health policy in oncology;
  4. Evaluates if oncological drug shortages are influenced by ethical confusion in the pharmaceutical industry; and
  5. Review's ethical considerations of health care with a scarce resource.

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