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This past summer, I had the pleasure of being part of BC Cancer’s Provincial Pharmacy student internship program. As this was my first experience in a non-dispensing pharmacy, my 15-week internship enveloped me in an exciting, yet intimidating new environment filled with many learning opportunities. I gained valuable insight and an appreciation for this field of pharmacy, while learning some life lessons along the way. Here are three of the many lessons that I have learned:

1. Learning opportunities that come with being in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations...Read more

For the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of interning in the BC Cancer Provincial Pharmacy department where I have gained valuable insight into the field of oncology pharmacy practice and have had many learning opportunities during my short internship. There are the three key lessons that I have learned:

The importance of interprofessional collaboration As a student you often hear about the importance of interprofessional collaboration. I truly was able to appreciate it when I had the...Read more

The BC Cancer Pharmacy Education Program is a self-directed, online continuing professional education program that was developed by BC Cancer pharmacists to incorporate the unique perspective of oncology pharmacy practice in British Columbia. The main priority of the program is to create modules for the development of core practice skills, which are suitable to learners who are new to oncology or who want to refresh their knowledge.Read more

Phase 2 of the Drug Interactions Program will test your skills! In these Cases, there are 4 ‘paths’ provided as options – you are expected to choose the path you think best manages the interaction based on your clinical reasoning.Read more

Kathy Gesy is well known within CAPhO and is the CSHP (Saskatchewan Branch) recipient of the Pharmacist of the Year Award presented on Oct 21, 2016 in Regina, SK. Kathy graduated from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan in 1978 with Great Distinction. After completing a hospital pharmacy residency at University Hospital, she worked as a research coordinator on a national pharmacy workload measurement system and lecturer at the College of Pharmacy. Kathy also worked as a staff pharmacist at University Hospital and the...Read more
This past summer, I have interned in the Provincial Pharmacy department at the BC Cancer Agency . My excitement about this internship centered around two main attractions: 1) the opportunity to become involved at the forefront of oncology practice, and 2) the chance to interact and learn from leaders in the field. Upon reflecting on my time here, these are three of my takeaway points: Oncology is a unique field of practice that presents many unique challenges for pharmacists.
There are so many new oncology drugs that are being developed...Read more
Just prior to last year’s CAPhO Conference in Niagara Falls, the CAPhO Executive was approached by CAPhO member Mario De Lemos regarding ASCO’s recently published antiemetic guideline update. Mario very astutely noted that oncology pharmacists were excluded from the targeted audience. As part of ongoing efforts in advocacy, CAPhO President Mark Pasetka and Past-President Jennifer Jupp drafted a Letter to the Editor to the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Continuing...Read more

This past June, one of CAPhO’s past presidents Dr Carlo De Angelis was named Pharmacist of the Year by the Ontario Pharmacists Association . We cannot be more excited for him to be receiving this huge honour.

Dr De Angelis has been practicing in oncology pharmacy as Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre since 1985, and became assistant professor at the University of Toronto Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy in 1986. He has spent the last 30 years inspiring generations of...Read more

Here's a recap (Part 3 - Sunday) of some of the outstanding live reporting from CAPhO Conference 2016 (#CAPhOCon16) via Twitter by many of our members, near and far. Check out dozens of clinical pearls, celebration of colleagues' achievements, and much more....Read more

Here's a recap (Part 2) of some of the outstanding live reporting from CAPhO Conference 2016 (#CAPhOCon16) via Twitter by many of our members, near and far....Read more

I am truly excited about the future of CAPhO.

I’m excited for the initiatives we are set to embark on achieving, and encouraged by those enthusiastic and engaged members who will help chart and explore these pathways.

This makes it easier to pass on the torch to the next to be Chair of the Communications Committee, Soha , as I do so with mixed emotions, or maybe an emulsion of emotions, as they all blend in together...

In 2009-10, I was recruited to be Communications Officer for CAPhO by then...Read more

Here's a recap (Part 1) of some of the outstanding live reporting from CAPhO Conference 2016 (#CAPhOCon16) via Twitter by many of our members, near and far. I think it's safe to say this year's instalment was a success, in this the 20th anniversary of CAPhO.

What were some of your highlights from Niagara Falls?

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World Cancer Day: Geneva, Switzerland – Establlished on February 4, 2000 World Cancer Day aims to promote research for curing as well as preventing cancer, upgrading the provided services to the patients, the sensitisation of the common opinion and the mobillisation of the global community against cancer.

Cancer will kill more than eight million people worldwide this year, which is equivalent to the entire population of New York. Half of these will be people of working age (30-69 years old).

It has been estimated that the cost implications on world...Read more

Oncology pharmacy practice is changing at a rapid pace. Each year numerous cancer fighting drugs are approved for use in Canada. Health Canada reviews the nomenclature of new drug submissions by analyzing many factors including visual perception, auditory perception, short-term memory recall and psycholinguistic analysis. Despite these efforts, errors relating to look-alike sound-alike (LASA) drugs continue to occur in practice, and some of these errors have very serious consequences. Safety Strategies for Look-alike and...Read more
The Top 3 Things I Learned Providing Care to Oncology Patients

Guest post by Chantel Martin (edited by Amy Smith)

Each summer the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency pharmacy staff has the pleasure of working alongside aspiring pharmacists, such as Chantel Martin. In this guest blog post, Chantel shares her top 3 things she learned after a summer working with oncology patients. - Amy Smith

Starting a job at the Cancer Centre was exciting but also terrifying. Although I have completed 3 years of my pharmacy degree, our oncology and pain lectures do not take place until our...Read more

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